SLFL Matchday 3 Roundup

So how do you top a scintillating, action-packed, quick-fire first two rounds of the Scottish Lowland Football League?

It’s easy. Have another round!

Matchday 3

Friday night football was back for a second week and it was another cracker as BSC Glasgow took on Edinburgh University at The Indodrill Stadium. David Smith gave the visitors a lead to take into half time with a goal of the season contender (there were a few of them this weekend) but Jack Smith, Martin Grehan and a first goal for new signing Robbie McNab gave BSC the three points, running out 4-1 winners in the second half.

Civil Service Strollers welcomed University of Stirling to Christie Gillies Park where Uni manager Chris Geddes put himself back in the starting lineup. With two goals, his presence proved the difference as the scholars won 4-2.

There was a delay at Ferguson Park in the match between Whitehill Welfare and Edusport Academy. Whitehill attacker Darren McCraw scored the opening goal of the game but sustained a serious looking knee injury which required an ambulance to be called. Whitehill came out of the break and managed to score another two to Edusport’s one for a 3-1 victory. The good news is that Darren’s injury is less serious than first feared and we all wish him a speedy recovery.

Champions East Kilbride have had a slower start than they might like but got things rolling properly, overcoming Vale of Leithen 4-0 at K Park. Goals from Aidan Ferris, Ross McNeil, Liam Coogans and skipper Barry Russell put Kilby up to fourth.

Dalbeattie Star and East Stirlingshire played out a 3-3 draw in one of the highlights of the weekend.

One of the standout games of the weekend took place at Islecroft as Dalbeattie Star took on East Stirlingshire with both sides pushing for victory. The lead changed hands three times as both Star and Shire threw everything they had at each other. Tommy Muir put Star 3-2 up with around ten minutes left before Connor Greene popped up in the dying seconds to salvage a draw for the visitors.

Hawick Royal Albert put in an encouraging performance for their fans as they welcomed Gretna 2008 to Albert Park. They took the lead but a penalty from Jake Smith and a goal from Steven Black gave Gretna the three points to take back to Raydale Park.

The Spartans and Gala Fairydean Rovers were evenly matched at Netherdale with both sides playing some lovely football. A Craig Stevenson goal in the first half was all that separated the two teams as Spartans continued their 100% start to the season.

Most of the anticipation going into the weekend was focused on Broadwood where Cumbernauld Colts welcomed Selkirk, two teams with 100% records going into the weekend. Fresh from two huge scorelines, Selkirk may have been slight favourites were it not for this Sean Brown stunner giving the Colts three wins from three…

Here’s how that all-important league table looks after three rounds…

And it’s all change at the top of the scoring charts too…

Top Goalscorers

Jack SmithBSC Glasgow44
Jordan HopkinsonSelkirk33
Liam CoogansEast Kilbride32
Daryl HealySelkirk33
Martin GrehanBSC Glasgow34
Jamie DishingtonThe Spartans34
Ross AllumThe Spartans34
Chris GeddesUniversity of Stirling34
Phil AddisonSelkirk33
Ahmed BouchentoufEdusport Academy34
Gary NicholsonSelkirk22
Sean BrownCumbernauld Colts23
Paul SluddenEast Stirlingshire24
Stuart NobleGala Fairydean Rovers24
Kevin KelbieEast Stirlingshire23
Ross McNeilEast Kilbride24
Thomas GarnierEdusport Academy24
Adam WatsonGala Fairydean Rovers24
Kyle MitchellWhitehill Welfare22
Sean McKirdySelkirk23
Declan HughesEast Kilbride24
Daniel AsheUniversity of Stirling13
Kevin KeaneUniversity of Stirling12
Clement JordanEdusport Academy13
Maxime OulaitohEdusport Academy14
Scott MainGala Fairydean Rovers14
Anthony Capo-ChichiEdusport Academy12
David GreenhillThe Spartans14
Craig StevensonThe Spartans14
Blair AtkinsonThe Spartans11
Dachi KhutsishviliThe Spartans14
Ross AitchisonGala Fairydean Rovers13
Kieran AinslieGala Fairydean Rovers11
Jamie GullanGala Fairydean Rovers14
Billy MillerGala Fairydean Rovers14
James McPartlinWhitehill Welfare13
Steven FroudeCivil Service Strollers12
Jamie McCormackEast Stirlingshire13
Connor GreeneEast Stirlingshire14
Aidan FerrisEast Kilbride14
Barry RussellEast Kilbride14
Ian BallantyneCivil Service Strollers12
Matthew ReadGretna 200812
Kevin ConnellyGretna 200812
Liam AllisonEast Stirlingshire14
Angelo SteyerEdusport Academy12
David ChurchillCivil Service Strollers11
David StewartCivil Service Strollers13
Blair LyonsUniversity of Stirling12
Sean MuhsinSelkirk13
Ross KingSelkirk11
Andrew MairCivil Service Strollers11
Michael HerdThe Spartans14
Paul McCaffertyUniversity of Stirling13
Kieran HallUniversity of Stirling12
Robbie DuncanBSC Glasgow14
Gary RedpathBSC Glasgow13
Lewis HunterUniversity of Stirling14
Steven DegnanDalbeattie Star13
Liam ParkDalbeattie Star14
Darren MilneHawick Royal Albert11
Craig HolmesCumbernauld Colts13
Craig MurrayCumbernauld Colts14
David SmithEdinburgh University12
Stephen O’NeillCumbernauld Colts13
Darren McCrawWhitehill Welfare11
Shaun StewartSLFL Matchday 3 Roundup13
Robbie McNabBSC Glasgow14
Jordan FinnieVale of Leithen12
Scott MilliganDalbeattie Star14
Lewis ToddDalbeattie Star14
Tommy MuirDalbeattie Star14
James ElliotVale of Leithen00
Ross BradyVale of Leithen03
Ross GilpinVale of Leithen03
Gaetan ArdourelEdusport Academy00
Alexander ImlahVale of Leithen02
Ainslie HunterVale of Leithen02
Jack HayVale of Leithen03
Chris AndersonVale of Leithen00
Craig SaundersHawick Royal Albert01
Curtis RoseHawick Royal Albert03
Grant PeddieHawick Royal Albert01
Alasdair SimpsonHawick Royal Albert03
Shaun SpenceHawick Royal Albert01
Tim RawlinsonEdinburgh University01
Darren ThomsonHawick Royal Albert01
Joe WiltonSLFL Matchday 3 Roundup00
Robert MansonVale of Leithen02
Mark TaitEdinburgh University03
Shaun StevensVale of Leithen02
Jason StevensVale of Leithen01
Darren WhiteCivil Service Strollers00
Lee BarrettWhitehill Welfare00
Connor BrydonWhitehill Welfare00
Kyle BrockieWhitehill Welfare00
Jonny Scott-MercerVale of Leithen01
Max VerkaikEdinburgh University02
Craig McbrideVale of Leithen01
Andrew MartinVale of Leithen00
Jack O’DonnellHawick Royal Albert00
Jon McInallyVale of Leithen03
Liam McIntoshVale of Leithen00
Ewan SaundersonVale of Leithen02
Thomas PatersonVale of Leithen02
Steven LynchVale of Leithen02
Mathieu BretonEdusport Academy00
Lukas JakaitisGretna 200800
Dan GreigSelkirk01
Jack HunterGretna 200800
John JamiesonGretna 200802
Aaron KellyGretna 200802
Reece DonaldsonSelkirk03
Jordan LittleGretna 200802
Jamie HopeGretna 200802
Kingsley GrandisonGretna 200801
Marc BerryGala Fairydean Rovers01
Swanny NuissierEdusport Academy01
Ryan McCannEdusport Academy04
Finn Daniels YeomanSLFL Matchday 3 Roundup03
Sofiane ZeghdaneEdusport Academy04
Souleyman DialloEdusport Academy01
Steven BlackGretna 200800
Michael McAnespieGretna 200802
Ellis MonaghanGretna 200800
Declan HoggHawick Royal Albert02
Cameron DicksonHawick Royal Albert00
Robbie CarterWhitehill Welfare00
Daryl JohnsonHawick Royal Albert00
Lewis KnoxHawick Royal Albert02
Mohamed KoutaineEdusport Academy00
Arnult BemboBSC Glasgow00
Jamie ClunieHawick Royal Albert02
Tommy WhiteheadGretna 200801
Benjamin Chaib-EddourEdusport Academy00
Loic ChevrotEdusport Academy00
Thomas CowleyUniversity of Stirling02
Jake SmithGretna 200802
Liam StudholmeGretna 200801
Sean WinterEast Kilbride02
Daniel WadgeGretna 200801
Calvin MuttittHawick Royal Albert02
Darren KerrDalbeattie Star01
Martin McBrideEast Kilbride01
Craig HowieEast Kilbride03
Danny FarrellEdusport Academy00
Kerr AllanSLFL Matchday 3 Roundup02
Connor BarnesEdinburgh University00
Scott NormanGretna 200802
Sonny SwansonWhitehill Welfare01
Robbie WintersBSC Glasgow03
Kieron BeveridgeVale of Leithen00
Romain SavignyEdusport Academy00
Mark McKennaDalbeattie Star01
Bryn HalliwellEdusport Academy04
Craig HeughGala Fairydean Rovers01
Jean Mike BonjontinEdusport Academy00
Ally McColmDalbeattie Star00
Aaron LewisVale of Leithen02
Craig QuinnEdusport Academy01
Aidan WilsonEdusport Academy04
Lewis JollyGretna 200801
Stuart GrayGretna 200801
Chris CairnsHawick Royal Albert02
Jamie DuffHawick Royal Albert01
Mark GairEdinburgh University03
Cormac O’BrienHawick Royal Albert02
Greg SummersHawick Royal Albert02
Ryan MilneCumbernauld Colts00
Sam GeorgeCumbernauld Colts02
Niall DochertyVale of Leithen02
Paul SutherlandEdinburgh University03
Michael JohnsonHawick Royal Albert02
Alan InglisGretna 200801
Mikey HewittEdusport Academy02
David DustinGretna 200801
Calum McDonaldEdinburgh University00
Liam DillonCivil Service Strollers01
Billy TaylorWhitehill Welfare01
David BanjoSelkirk03
Daniel MainEdinburgh University02
Lewis MuirGala Fairydean Rovers02
Sean GulneyGala Fairydean Rovers00
Declan KnoxWhitehill Welfare00
William KiddWhitehill Welfare03
Ross GemmellHawick Royal Albert00
Greg LloydWhitehill Welfare00
Scott LucasWhitehill Welfare00
Reiss JefferyHawick Royal Albert00
Darren McGrathWhitehill Welfare01
Craig NewallsCivil Service Strollers01
Ashley KellyGretna 200800
John KerrWhitehill Welfare02
Chris GordonWhitehill Welfare02
Robbie DowieWhitehill Welfare00
Nicholas DolanWhitehill Welfare00
Cammy McClairCumbernauld Colts00
Scott GormleyWhitehill Welfare02
Ross JardineWhitehill Welfare01
Hamish HunterWhitehill Welfare03
Craig McCallEdusport Academy02
Liam McCabeWhitehill Welfare00
Ryan McKenzieWhitehill Welfare01
Liam McIntoshHawick Royal Albert01
Mark SmithWhitehill Welfare02
Craig SkirvingWhitehill Welfare00
Ryan StevensonWhitehill Welfare00
Gareth ThomWhitehill Welfare00
Jack WrightWhitehill Welfare03
Liam WishartWhitehill Welfare00
Dylan WeldonWhitehill Welfare00
Rory RutherfordWhitehill Welfare00
Michael NessEdinburgh University02
Aaron MoffatWhitehill Welfare00
Steven SacayaradjiEdusport Academy02
Grant NelsonEdusport Academy03
Stephane MurrayWhitehill Welfare02
Greg ParkWhitehill Welfare00
Corey RobertsonWhitehill Welfare00
Darren BurnsHawick Royal Albert01
Kieran ReynoldsWhitehill Welfare00
Kerr DoddsWhitehill Welfare03
Jordan BoyleCivil Service Strollers01
Ben HerdmanGala Fairydean Rovers00
Lewis SwaneyGala Fairydean Rovers00
Lee StephenGala Fairydean Rovers04
Mark WaltersGala Fairydean Rovers02
George WindramGala Fairydean Rovers03
David BonnarGala Fairydean Rovers04
Daniel PattendenGala Fairydean Rovers00
Gavin BrownGala Fairydean Rovers00
David BrownGala Fairydean Rovers00
Ross GuthrieThe Spartans03
Brandon ArchibaldThe Spartans02
Blair TolmieThe Spartans04
Paul ThomsonThe Spartans02
Jack NixonThe Spartans00
Adam CorbettThe Spartans01
Willie BremnerThe Spartans02
Alan BrownThe Spartans03
Scott WilsonThe Spartans03
Ian McFarlandThe Spartans04
Scott MaxwellThe Spartans00
Darren SmithGala Fairydean Rovers04
Rhys CraigieGala Fairydean Rovers02
Josh EmmottUniversity of Stirling00
Dominic KaneUniversity of Stirling00
Aidan PedenUniversity of Stirling00
Craig BrownUniversity of Stirling00
Lewis BonarUniversity of Stirling03
Rory MacEwanUniversity of Stirling02
Grant GoodfellowSelkirk00
Gregor AmosSelkirk03
Fabian BorczUniversity of Stirling00
Eachainn MillerUniversity of Stirling01
Dominic SlatteryUniversity of Stirling03
Nathan BrownUniversity of Stirling01
Kevin WalkerUniversity of Stirling04
Sean PaliczkaGala Fairydean Rovers00
Alex WebbUniversity of Stirling02
Brett LandlesUniversity of Stirling00
Angus MailerUniversity of Stirling03
Ross KellockUniversity of Stirling01
Thomas ClareUniversity of Stirling00
Andrew StobieThe Spartans00
Blair CarswellThe Spartans04
Gavin LachlanCumbernauld Colts03
Liam McCroryCumbernauld Colts04
Jamie WaddellCumbernauld Colts04
Andy SelkirkCumbernauld Colts01
Fraser SheridanCumbernauld Colts02
Jordan PirrieCumbernauld Colts00
Sam BrownCumbernauld Colts01
Robbie KellyCumbernauld Colts00
Stephen KerrCumbernauld Colts04
Conor McKenzieCumbernauld Colts00
Kyle GillespieCumbernauld Colts00
Hugh CameronDalbeattie Star03
James BatyDalbeattie Star03
Lewis SloanDalbeattie Star00
Jamie McHarrieDalbeattie Star04
Ally MasonDalbeattie Star04
Vinnie ParkerDalbeattie Star03
Curtiss WilsonDalbeattie Star04
Greig ThorburnDalbeattie Star04
Richard KirwanCumbernauld Colts00
Jeff FergusCumbernauld Colts03
Lewis KinnairdBSC Glasgow01
Corey PearsonBSC Glasgow00
Ross McMillanBSC Glasgow02
Jamie MillsBSC Glasgow02
Lloyd KinnairdBSC Glasgow03
John TennentBSC Glasgow01
Stevie MurrayBSC Glasgow04
Ciaran DonnellyBSC Glasgow04
Ryan McStayBSC Glasgow03
Josh McArthurBSC Glasgow04
Spencer BrownBSC Glasgow01
Greg PascazioCumbernauld Colts04
Jordan MarshallCumbernauld Colts04
Andy HunterCumbernauld Colts03
Stephen BarrBSC Glasgow00
Matt NivenBSC Glasgow00
Robert JonesBSC Glasgow02
Matthew BeckettBSC Glasgow00
Gerard TraynorBSC Glasgow03
Eric TshinbanguSelkirk00
Ryan SclaterSelkirk02
Ayden NicolBSC Glasgow00
Adam StrachanEast Kilbride04
Scott StevensonEast Kilbride04
Morgan SmithEast Kilbride00
George PrinceBSC Glasgow00
Ryan MarshallBSC Glasgow04
Stuart BurnsideCivil Service Strollers02
Farrel O’SullivanDalbeattie Star04
Kyle BoggieCivil Service Strollers02
Fraser RobertsonEast Kilbride00
David ProctorEast Kilbride00
Craig McLeishEast Kilbride03
Dominic Joseph McLarenEast Kilbride01
Matthew McGinleyEast Kilbride00
Jack McMahonEast Kilbride00
Mathew MeechanEast Kilbride00
Jack MooneyEast Kilbride00
Gavin MillarEast Kilbride00
Craig MelroseEast Kilbride00
Dean CarseCivil Service Strollers01
Scott ClappertonCivil Service Strollers01
Max CondieEdinburgh University03
Thomas ArcherEdinburgh University00
Jonathan WatsonCivil Service Strollers02
Jack VerthCivil Service Strollers02
James ConingtonEdinburgh University03
Nathan Karl EvansEdinburgh University00
Stuart McNicholasEdinburgh University00
Jack GuthrieEdinburgh University02
Hamish FlettEdinburgh University03
Shaun TurnbullCivil Service Strollers00
Ross NisbetCivil Service Strollers00
Kyle FeeCivil Service Strollers01
Jack DownieCivil Service Strollers02
Matthew CunninghamCivil Service Strollers02
Jordan FinnieCivil Service Strollers00
James HaineyCivil Service Strollers00
Craig NewallCivil Service Strollers01
Chris MilliganCivil Service Strollers00
Robbie LairdCivil Service Strollers01
Kevin McCannEast Kilbride03
Martin McbrideEast Kilbride03
Jordon TappingEast Stirlingshire01
Drew RamsayEast Stirlingshire03
Andrew GrantEast Stirlingshire04
Jamie BarclayEast Stirlingshire04
Steven BrisbaneEast Stirlingshire02
Kris FauldsEast Stirlingshire03
Derek UreEast Stirlingshire04
Lewis PeddieEast Stirlingshire00
Graeme MacGregorEast Stirlingshire03
Kris MitchellSelkirk00
Ciaren ChalmersSelkirk02
Murray ChristieSelkirk02
Ricky MillerSelkirk02
Andrew FlemingSelkirk03
Callum MacKenzieSelkirk00
Lewis TurkingtonSelkirk02
Marc McFadyenSelkirk00
Fraser NeaveSelkirk00
Unpha KoromaSelkirk00
Simon WhiteEast Stirlingshire00
Andy RodgersEast Stirlingshire04
Lewis DohertyEast Kilbride00
Lee DavidsonEast Kilbride00
Liam CraigEast Kilbride00
Riccardo CorrieriEast Kilbride00
Kieran GibbonsEast Kilbride03
Craig Douglas HowieEast Kilbride01
Blair KiddEast Kilbride00
Nathan KhannaEast Kilbride00
Jacob KeanEast Kilbride04
Bernard CollEast Kilbride04
James CassidyEast Kilbride00
Josh BeattieEast Kilbride00
Michael AndersonEast Kilbride01
David GrantEast Stirlingshire00
Conor BellEast Kilbride00
Kieran BellEast Kilbride00
Fabio CapuanoEast Kilbride00
Ross CaldwellEast Kilbride02
Scott BrodieEast Kilbride00
Cameron MoirEdinburgh University00

Header Image: Whitehill Welfare in action against Edusport Academy (Credit: John Blair for Whitehill Welfare)
Action Shot: Dalbeattie Star took on East Stirlingshire at Islecroft in a thrilling 3-3 draw. (Credit: