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Seven clubs apply to join Lowland League

The Lowland League is today delighted to announce that seven clubs have applied for membership to play in the League from next season.

The League Board will now look at all the applications over the course of the coming weeks and a decision will be made by the end of this month.

League Chairman Andrew Waddell said: “We are delighted that there has been such an interest in the League and we will now look at each application on its own merits and assess them to ensure that they will be in a position to meet the entry requirements.”

“This process will take a few weeks to complete and clubs will know by the end of April on the outcome of their application.”

Up to four clubs from the seven applications may be elected to play in the League next season. In order to qualify the Scottish Lowland Football League clubs must be assured that they can achieve a club license by May 2015.  Sporting performance will also be important to ensure the quality of play in the League.

Inaugural Lowland League kicks off today

Today has finally arrived, years of talking, months of planning and today history will be made in Scottish Football at 3.00pm when the inaugural Scottish Lowland Football League kicks off.

League chairperson Andrew Waddell reflects on what has been a roller coaster ride over the last 7 weeks.

Andrew said “It has been a very hectic few weeks since the announcement by the SFA that the Lowland League was going to kick off this season. As well as being an exciting time its also been a daunting time for the board of the League because we have had so much to do in such a short space of time. I am delighted that we have managed to make what appeared to be the impossible, possible, and this has only been possible as a result of the hard work of the board and member clubs.”

Andrew Waddell

“We are looking forward to working collaboratively with the East of Scotland League and the South of Scotland League and I am sure our excellent relationship will continue to flourish.  As there is no precedent set we will continue to find our way in the professional game and I am sure that with everyones support we can ensure that the Lowland league will be an excellent football league.”

Despite having refereed in the top flight in Scottish Football, and served as a FIFA referee, Andrew says “Not even my twenty-five years in top flight refereeing have prepared me for this task.”

The Lowland League kicks off this afternoon and all matches kick off at 3.00pm. You can find out the fixtures on our fixtures page.