Lowland League Supporters Team of the Season – Have Your Say

We are again running a supporters team of the season, read more to find out how you can get involved

Over the next few weeks we will be building towards creating a Lowland League Supporters Team of the Season.  You have until the day after the Lowland League Cup Final (due to be played on Sunday 19th May) to let us know your nominations of who should make the squad. To do this, reply to our post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the players you feel should be included, and a reason as to why, to help us narrow down the candidates.

Once we have collected and sorted through the nominations we will come up with a Twitter Poll for each position where you select your player from the options nominated, and of course, the highest vote from the poll wins and makes the squad.

So simply let us know who would make your Team of the Season before Monday 20th May when we will begin the polls to create the squad.