Lowland League announces Groundhop UK partnership

The Scottish Sun Lowland League and GroundhopUK are delighted to announce that the first ever Groundhop to take place in Scotland will happen later in the season.

Speaking today Lowland League Chairman Andrew Waddell said, “We were delighted to be approached by GroundhopUK to be their partner, we spoke to our member clubs and all the clubs agreed that it would be a great development for the league. We are looking forward to working with Chris and Laurence from GroundhopUK to provide football supporters with a great weekend of football.”

A provisional weekend for the event has been agreed of the 21st and 22nd March 2015, the exact details of the host clubs for this first SLFL Hop will be confirmed at a later date.

Chris Berezai from GroundhopUK said “This is a great development for us, this will be the first Hop to take place North of the border and we are delighted that it’s with the Lowland League. We have been in discussions with the League for some time and myself and Laurence were thrilled when we were told that the clubs had agreed.”

More details about the Hop will be released as soon as we have agreed the final details of the weekend and it’s expected that these will take place within the next few weeks.