Clubs to benefit from Scottish FA Fair Play Award payments

A total of 18 teams with the best disciplinary records across the Scottish Professional Football League, Scottish Highland Football League and Scottish Lowland Football League will be rewarded with Scottish FA Fair Play Award payments ahead of the new season.

Following the compilation of the 2013/14 Review of Player Misconduct, the teams that finished first, second and third in the disciplinary table for each league will receive payments of £5,000, £3,750 and £1,250 respectively. The three clubs that will receive payments in the Scottish Sun Lowland League are: 

1. Gala Fairydean Rovers FC (£5,000) 
2. Dalbeattie Star FC (£3,750) 
3. Spartans FC (£1,250)

Scottish FA President, Campbell Ogilvie, said “It’s important to encourage fair play across the game, and we believe that offering incentives to clubs, and recognising their efforts, helps to foster and encourage fair play.

“We are delighted to issue Scottish FA Fair Play Award payments to 18 teams across the six senior leagues ahead of the new season.”