West of Scotland League Update

The scheduled meeting last night with Lowland, East of Scotland, South of Scotland and West Region Juniors took place via video conferencing due to current travel and person-to-person restrictions in place.

A great deal of common ground was established.

There was agreement on a potential way forward as follows:

  • In order to ensure there is a firm record of registration and a database of information for the West of Scotland Football League,  the West Junior FA are in agreement that the Lowland League application form should be completed and sent to  George Fraser geo_fraser@hotmail.co.uk
  • To give Clubs more time to make these applications under current circumstances, the deadline has been extended to Tuesday 7 April. That will be the last date applications will be accepted.
  • Clubs currently members of the Scottish Junior FA are fully entitled to retain membership and, if so, will be eligible to continue to play in The Scottish Junior Cup. The Competition Rules of that Cup will be altered to reflect the need to ensure League Fixtures have priority.
  • There is no limit to the number of teams that will be accepted; With regards to compliance of ground criteria guidelines, the Leagues will work with Clubs with the expectation that necessary steps will be made over time.
  • It was proposed that the new league could be organised on a Conference basis, with final set up dependant on numbers. The Conferences will be for one season only.

There remains much to do to get the West of Scotland Football League up and running.

The parties are aware that the formation of any new league is subject to approval from the Scottish FA and discussions will continue in that regard.

All parties at the meeting last night are committed to continue to work together, to support the creation of the final piece of the Pyramid feeding into the Lowland League.

George Fraser [ Lowland League] John Greenhorn [East of Scotland League] Colin Holden [  South of Scotland League] Gordon Ronney [ West Juniors]