Update on Stevie Adamson


The league is delighted to confirm that Preston coach Stevie Adamson is recovering well in hospital after taking unwell at the teams training session on Thursday night.

Players from Preston assisted by officials from the local rugby club provided vital first aid, including using a defibrillator, when Stevie first took unwell.

stevie adamson

Last night the clubs manager David Bingham said “We are in a different position tonight than we were twenty four hours ago. I have just left the hospital after visiting Stevie and his family and I am delighted that he is recovering well.

“I couldn’t believe when I went to the hospital that Stevie was sitting up in his bed. It will be a long road to recovery for him, but everyone at the club is delighted with the progress that he has made”

Preston’s away game to Edinburgh City that was due to take place today has been postponed.

A league spokesperson said “Everyone at the league wishes Stevie a speedy recovery, these situations are never nice, however, it’s great to hear is making a good recovery.”