SLFL Support Rainbow Laces Campaign

The Scottish Lowland Football League is pleased to be supporting Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign this autumn.

The SLFL will be showing its support by working with Stonewall Scotland to help make football more inclusive for LGBT players and fans. Scottish clubs will be showing their support throughout the campaign that runs from 24 November until 2 December in a variety of ways and we will be encouraging our member clubs to support the campaign.

The campaign wants to make sport more inclusive for LGBT fans and players by raising awareness of anti LGBT abuse and asking clubs to show their support for the LGBT community.  Research carried out last year found that 72 per cent of football fans have heard anti-LGBT remarks at games over the last five years.

Andrew Waddell, Chairman of the SLFL said: “Football should be an enjoyable experience for both players and fans, affording the opportunity to come together and share in the sport that we all love. We want everyone to feel part of the Lowland League family and are delighted to support Stonewall Scotland’s Rainbow Laces campaign.”

Colin Macfarlane, Director of Stonewall Scotland, said:  “Our research made it clear that if the situation for LGBT fans is going to change, we will need support from across sport. It’s crucial for organisations like the Scottish Lowland Football League and SFA to show they welcome lesbian, gay, bi and trans fans and players. At the moment, many LGBT people want to take part in sport, either as players or fans, but the abuse and hate from a minority of fans can make them feel unsafe, unwelcome or unable to be themselves.”

Stonewall has developed a range of measures to tackle homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in sport. The charity has developed a sports toolkit for grassroots and community sport teams to build awareness and understanding of the issues affecting LGBT people, and how they can help ensure all sports offer an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

Follow Stonewall Scotland using @StonewallScot and get involved on Twitter with the hashtag #RainbowLaces.

Find out more about Stonewall Scotland HERE