League receives funding for Defibrillators

The Scottish Lowland Football League is delighted to be awarded funding from the Scottish Football Partnership to purchase defibrillator machines for their member clubs.

League Secretary David Baxter said; ” The Scottish Lowland Football League applied to the Scottish Football Partnership for funding to provide defibrillators at the grounds of each of its member clubs. We initially attempted to secure funding from another source but encountered several problems and a lengthy delay.

“That was when the Scottish Football Partnership came to our rescue. Their Secretary Stuart McCaffrey was extremely helpful and guided us through the application process, which allowed us to submit an application that was approved within the month.

“The funds followed very quickly and we were then able to receive the defibrillators far quicker than we thought possible. The SLFL very much appreciates the support from the SFP and its Board who by their actions have ensured these life-saving devices are now available at the grounds of all professional clubs in Scotland.

“Many of the SLFL grounds are multi-use facilities so the devices will be available throughout the day to other users including schools, community organisations and individuals. Obviously everyone hopes the defibrillators will never be needed but they will be available as required and, when they are, someone will have the SFP to thank for saving their life”.