Top Goalscorers

This list of top goalscorers in the Lowland League is updated weekly on Sunday afternoon.

Top Goalscorers 2020/21

Jamie PenkerUniversity of Stirling9
Jamie GlasgowBSC Glasgow7
Scott-Taylor MackenzieGala Fairydean Rovers7
Andy RodgersEast Stirlingshire7
Zander MillerBo’ness United6
Craig MalcolmEast Kilbride5
Ryan TierneyBSC Glasgow5
Daniel SmalesGretna 20085
Ross LyonBSC Glasgow5
Lee CurrieBonnyrigg Rose5
Phil AddisonGala Fairydean Rovers4
Cameron DawsonThe Spartans4
Aaron MurrellThe Spartans4
Darren ChristieBSC Glasgow4
Kieran McGachieBonnyrigg Rose4
Dylan EastonKelty Hearts4
Kallum HigginbothamKelty Hearts4
Jamie DishingtonEast Stirlingshire4
Reis PeggieEast Stirlingshire4
Scott GrayBonnyrigg Rose3
Archie MeekisonThe Spartans3
Ross PhilpKelty Hearts3
Ricky MillerEast Kilbride3
Ryan StevensonBo’ness United3
Alieu FayeCivil Service Strollers3
Lewis McGrattanGretna 20083
Connor YoungCivil Service Strollers3
Jason JarvisUniversity of Stirling3
Kieran AndersonBo’ness United3
Darren SmithEast Kilbride3
George HunterBonnyrigg Rose3
Scott McCrory-IrvingThe Spartans3
Blair AtkinsonThe Spartans3
Nathan AustinKelty Hearts3
Gregg WyldeEast Stirlingshire3
Declan HughesBSC Glasgow3
Marty WrightCumbernauld Colts2
Jamie HamiltonBSC Glasgow2
Grant AndersonKelty Hearts2
Steven OldEast Kilbride2
Arran LaidlawVale of Leithen2
Dan OrsiDalbeattie Star2
Zander MurrayGala Fairydean Rovers2
Jamie StevensonKelty Hearts2
Michael TidserKelty Hearts2
Dan PurvesBerwick Rangers2
Conor DoanUniversity of Stirling2
Thomas GrantBo’ness United2
Kerr YoungBonnyrigg Rose2
Jordan IrvingGretna 20082
Jordan SinclairBerwick Rangers2
Cammy FoyCumbernauld Colts2
David MaskreyEdinburgh University2
Euan BairdUniversity of Stirling2
Robbie McGaleUniversity of Stirling2
Steven DegnanDalbeattie Star2
Adam CorbettThe Spartans2
Ross AitchisonGala Fairydean Rovers2
Lewis BonarCumbernauld Colts2
Daryl HealyEast Kilbride2
Jamie McCormackBSC Glasgow2
Chris ErskineEast Kilbride2
Ross IrvingDalbeattie Star2
Scott DavidsonCumbernauld Colts2
Jack SmithCaledonian Braves2
Andy DowieCaledonian Braves2
Lewis AllanBerwick Rangers2
Andy GegganBSC Glasgow2
Craig HendersonEast Stirlingshire2
Nicky LockeBo’ness United2
Dean WatsonEast Stirlingshire1
Dan HarveyGretna 20081
Andy MonkBSC Glasgow1
Craig ComrieBo’ness United1
Joao BaldeBonnyrigg Rose1
Jordan SmithBonnyrigg Rose1
Paul PatonEast Kilbride1
Ross CampbellBo’ness United1
Dylan CairnieGretna 20081
Alfie AgyemanBSC Glasgow1
Lee HaddenEast Stirlingshire1
Scott HooperKelty Hearts1
Kyle WilkieEast Kilbride1
Shaun RodgersGretna 20081
Chris DonnellyBo’ness United1
Archie RouxGala Fairydean Rovers1
Ronan KearneyEast Stirlingshire1
Lee WhitmoreCumbernauld Colts1
Calum SmithBerwick Rangers1
Jonathan StewartBonnyrigg Rose1
Kyle BellBo’ness United1
Ross McNeilCaledonian Braves1
Stephen O’NeillCumbernauld Colts1
David WintersCaledonian Braves1
Brad RixonVale of Leithen1
David SinclairCaledonian Braves1
Jack WrightBerwick Rangers1
Craig NewallCivil Service Strollers1
David ChurchillCivil Service Strollers1
Michael AndersonBSC Glasgow1
Patrick BairdEdinburgh University1
Jordan HopkinsonCivil Service Strollers1
Ben HerdmanGala Fairydean Rovers1
Ross GuthrieCivil Service Strollers1
Craig MurrayCumbernauld Colts1
Sean BrownEast Stirlingshire1
William MortimerCumbernauld Colts1
Liam ParkDalbeattie Star1
Paul WoodsEast Kilbride1
Matthew FlynnKelty Hearts1
Luke MainCumbernauld Colts1
Jamie DochertyBonnyrigg Rose1
Louis MauriceEdinburgh University1
Ewan MacPhersonCumbernauld Colts1
Louis KennedyUniversity of Stirling1
Callum HeathUniversity of Stirling1
Callum DownieUniversity of Stirling1
Danny GalbraithGala Fairydean Rovers1
Lewis SloanDalbeattie Star1
Dean BrettBonnyrigg Rose1
Jonathan GrotlinVale of Leithen1
Neil McLaughlinCaledonian Braves1
Nicky LowEast Stirlingshire1
Calvin CowieDalbeattie Star1
Kieran SomervilleBerwick Rangers1
Santeri KulvalainenEdinburgh University1
Joe TaitThe Spartans1
Lewis HallVale of Leithen1
Dougie HillKelty Hearts1

This list displays goals scored in the Scottish Lowland Football League only. Please note that this list is compiled from information inputted by SLFL clubs into the live score system and may differ from the official SFA list.